2013 Autumn Exhibition at Martin Browne Contemporary

Each autumn, Martin Browne Contemporary puts on a group exhibit. This year there were 18 artists total, including those who work within both indigenous and contemporary frameworks. Which is really cool to see in Australia. 

However, one of my favorite things about the gallery was a secret piece on its exterior. A brick installation jutting out from the wall that spells out “Servis” - I’m not sure if it was part of an industrial building that the gallery now occupies or if it was made by an artist, but regardless it’s still pretty cool

Some of the artists in this show, like McLean Edwards and Giles Alexander, were Archibald Prize finalists this year. 


For Travelers:

Martin Browne Contemporary is in the Paddington are of Sydney, Australia. It’s close to Roslyn Oxly9, Australian Galleries, and several others. I recommend taking a cab directly its location, since finding it from the main shopping street can be difficult. 

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